Behind the brand

hey there, it’s nice to meet you - i’m danielle

Ever since I can remember, i’ve been in love with planning! Writing in my daily planner became a form of therapy for me.

The problem was, I wasn’t executing what I planned on doing. I created this perfect life and perfect day on paper but wasn’t turning that into reality.

I never found that perfect planner I needed to keep me on I created one! I started implementing simple habits into my weekly routine, especially on Sundays. This little ritual completely transformed my life, bringing me clarity and purpose like never before. Our planners aren’t just tools- they’re strategically designed to help you reclaim control, achieve your goals and live with intention. Let’s reset, refocus, and make every day count together!



Transforming chaos into clarity one sunday reset at a time

a love note for you

don't ever give up on yourself!

I need you to know that you are capable of more than you realize. Every time you open your planner, join our community, or read our blog, you’re taking a step toward a better version of yourself. Life isn’t always easy, but you’re showing up and trying and that’s what truly matters. Keep going, keep pushing forward. Together, let’s embrace every challenge and celebrate every success. Here’s to never giving up on ourselves and always striving for our dreams!


With love and gratitude,

Sundays Are For Me

Favorite quotes

nothing changes unless i do

for my life to be different, i have to do something different

happiness is in the simple easy things we do everyday, Unhappiness is created by not doing those things



Things I love the Most

My sweet baby, calm mornings, & planning vacations


Favorite Food

Anything and everything pasta related


My Guilty Pleasure

online shopping (don’t tell my husband)


what I do for fun

sand volleyball, hikes, cooking dinner & gardening


Empowerment in routine

community support

intentional living

personal growth

a balanced life

with intention

we craft more than just planners, we cultivate a mindset- a commitment to purposeful living and transformative routines. Each product we create embodies our belief in the power of daily habits and weekly resets to bring clarity and direction to your life. True growth comes from deliberate actions and mindful choices. Whether your organizing your day with our planner, joining our friendly community, or exploring insights on our blog, every step you take with us is a step toward realizing your life’s potential and fulfillment