Sundays Are For Me

Sundays Are For Me

You made it! I’m so glad you’re here. Below are a few key steps to do every Sunday to ultimately transform your life. Let’s start doing the things we say were going to do. Let’s get our sh*t together and start building the life you’ve always dreamed of. Sundays are more than just a rest day, no more sunday scarries when you build out your actions for the week withouth having to think about all the menusha becuase it will all be ready to go for you. So if you’re ready… dive in.


Below are my 10 Sunday action steps to concoring your week. Sundays are used as a re-set, re-fresh, and re-juvinate day to set up your week and ultimately your life. Our yearly planners become available every year on November 1st and sell out within a week! I can’t keep these things in stock and hope you set a reminder in your phone to get one to help you organize your chaios.

Step 1: ???

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Step 2: ???

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Step 3: ???

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Step 5: ???

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step 6: ???

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Step 7: ???

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Step 8: ???

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Step 9:

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Step 10:

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