Creating a Morning Routine for YOU

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A Morning Routine for YOU

Mornings, the best or worst part of the day depending on who you are. I used to sleep in until 11 if I could, now I’m up at 5am every day.

Your morning routine can start at 5am or 10am. When do you ideally want to wake up? Does it start at 5 on the weekdays and 9 on the weekends?

Ask yourself, ideally what do you want to accomplish the most each day. Do you put off going to the gym until night and never end up going beause your too tired? Do you put off working on your business and starting the side hustle you’ve been dreaming of? I want you to write down the top 3 things that you keep putting off and how much time you want to allocate to each, and we are going to incorporate them into the morning. Why? beause the morning is the only time of day that we can control. It’s before the hustle and bustle of work, family life, endless tasks etc.. If my normal day starts at 9 and I have a list of things i need to do in the morning then I need to wake up at 5.

Here’s an example of my worksheet:

Top 3 most important things I need to do everyday:

  1. Morning Movement – (45 minutes) Everyday I want to wake up and move my body. This can be a full workout at the gym, morning yoga in my living room, or a light 2 mile walk with my son and dogs.
  2. Work on my blog – (2 hours) Everyday I want to work on my business and make sure I do it so this needs to be incorporated into my morning routine.
  3. Read – (30 minutes) I want to read informative books every morning tog et my mind motivated and in the right mindset for attacking the day and to continue growing and learning.

With that this is what my morning routine looks like:

5:00 AM- Wake up & read a chapter or two of an informative book. This wakes my mind up, I can do it in my cozy warm bed and give myself time to adjust to being up so early.

5:30 AM – Get dressed in workout clothes (I pick these out the night before and put them on my bedside) I also will play music and start my day off dancing!

5:45 AM- Morning Movement! This looks different everyday. Check out my blog post about it here:

6:45 AM – Shower & self care! I do my skincare routines, shave, lotion my body, do my nails, anything that will give me confidence for the day and get dressed (I’ll pick this out the night before too ūüėČ

7:00  Р9:00 AM РWork on my Blog! 

Once 9 am hits the rest of the day is not mine, I’m taking care of my son, cleaning the house, running errands, cooking, walking the dogs, etc. but knowing ive already accomplished my top 3 most important tasks for ME gives me all the peace of mind and energy I need for the day.

I will pick out all my clothes for the week workout and regular on sundays, I’ll write in my planner my morning routine time blocks the same thing every day I write it all out on sundsay¬†

add books on how to get up early, affiliate links! AMAZON the 5 am club etc…

Create a routine that is for YOU. That’s going to look different for every person.

Things to ask yourself:

get specific with it – times,

Example of my morning routine



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